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PostSubject: NIGHTMARE ADVENTURE ISLAND    Fri Sep 12, 2014 8:00 am



From 11th September - 23rd September Only

That's right, ladies and gents- Nightmare Adventure Island is now available on ALL servers!

As an added bonus, we have changed the fashion rewards from temporary to PERMANENT! So what are you waiting for! Get out there!

  • How do I get there?

First, you have to be on REALM 2. If you log out, then back in, you will need to switch back to r2.

Next, head to Rainbow Island. There, you'll meet a new denizen, Takash, who will transport you to the glorious AdventureIsland.

  • What can I do there?

There are many daily quests there; these quests award nutcakes.

  • What's a Nutcake?

A nutcake is a cake filled with nuts! You can exchange sums of nutcakes for Mounts and Fashion by speaking to Porudock Leukas the 8th.

  • What's with the rats?

The ratkin are trying to invade Nightmare Adventure Island, and insist that the island belongs to them. Repel their invasion for rewards!

Where is Meid?
Meid runs around between several different hiding places on the island. As Meid is pretty short, we advise getting close to the ground in your search for this little lass! 


I see you met the Kirin. The Kirin is perfectly harmless... Though, rumor has it that the Kirin is filled with presents. But wouldn't you rather give it a hug instead? ... No? Well, get some friends together before you challenge this creature!

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